Commission Status: Open!

Sketches: $10 ~ $20

Doodle pages / Adding color is an additional $5

Chibi Style: $30

A style that'll suite your cute characters! Complex characters will have an upcharge of $5

Full-Body Drawing: $50

These are fully lined,shaded,and colored. Additional characters are +$20 These can have painted backgrounds for +$20.

Graphic Design: $60 usd

For logo & typography commission prices: please contact me whether it is commercial or non-commercial and we can discuss the price further!

Thank you for your interest!

Please read my terms of service below before ordering.

How to Order: You DM me through any of my socials (@applewifey) or by email.

You may also request a commission from my Ko-Fi. Or request a commission on my VGen

♡ I will notify you when I am ready to start your commission.

♡ You pay the amount in full through our discussed payment method.

♡ After I recieve payment I will send a sketch or two I have in mind.

♡ I will then send wips of base colors. Revisions and alterations can be made with each check in (changing pose, warmer colors, etc).

♡ Once the sketch is confirmed, I will move on to working on the piece until completion.

♡ I will email the completed piece as a .png file to you! ♡

Terms of Service  

Contact me: applelula101 @